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Eco-responsible - Youth Hostel in Paris MIJE Marais

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As an association committed to educational issues, the MIJE has set itself the objective of raising awareness of eco-responsible behaviour among children and young people. As part of the process launched to reduce the environmental impact of our activities, our most significant actions aret :

The current context obliges us all, individually and collectively, to reduce our energy consumption. The general rise in energy and gas costs, the climate changes observed this summer, and more recently the government’s “strong” recommendations to reduce our consumption, particularly in terms of heating, have led us to take the decision to accelerate our transformation in the short term, as of this winter, and obviously in the medium and long term. Our priorities are: better insulation, lower energy consumption and new contracts with local suppliers.

The decisions taken at the beginning of September express our will to postpone as much as possible an increase of the tariffs in this period of exit of Covid and thus to allow the various publics welcomed in the hostels MIJE Marais to continue to benefit from accessible tariffs.

Adapte and take action right now

From this winter onwards, we would like to collectively commit ourselves to a temperature of 19° in the rooms and in the communal areas.

For some, this will be considered a little cold, and for others perhaps a little warm…

Our actions for this winter are concrete:

  • Make polar blankets available in each room in addition to duvets.
  • Installing insulation seals around the windows that need it to avoid the circulation of cold air in the collective spaces and in the rooms.
  • Ensure that the temperature in the coolest rooms is actually 19° on a daily basis. Thermometers have been installed in all rooms and in all communal areas.
  • Renegotiate our gas contract over 36 months as part of a group purchase with other organisations to keep increases to a minimum.

Continue to act in the medium and long term

Deep structural investments have already been made to be even more eco-responsible in the medium and long term:

  • New generation” condensation boilers have been installed at Fauconnier and Maubuisson in recent years.
  • The decision to switch from gas to steam district heating for the Maubuisson hostel. This reliable and efficient centralised heating system has a smaller environmental footprint than other heating systems and contributes to better air quality. It is distributed by CPCU – Compagnie Parisienne de Chauffage Urbain – and strongly encouraged by the Paris City Council.
  • 100% of the double glazed windows have been installed in Fauconnier. An investment plan for the installation of double glazing is currently being implemented in Fourcy.

The Green key label also commits us every year to a continuous improvement plan.

New works are planned for 2023:

  • Changing the roof of the Fauconnier Inn with reinforced roof insulation.
  • Replacement of the Fourcy boilers with steam district heating distributed by the CPCU
  • And for 2025 and 2027, renovation/insulation work on the roofs of Maubuisson and Fourcy are included in our investment plan

Let’s mobilise and respect the 19°C objective and be eco-responsible together!

Of course, all these measures will only bear fruit with the active participation of our guests and members.

Each of you has the power, during your stay in our hostels, to join our environmental approach and to contribute to the reduction of energy consumption, by adopting simple, eco-citizen gestures such as

  • turning down the radiator rather than opening the windows, especially during the cold season,
  • using the fleece blankets provided in the rooms rather than turning up the heat
  • Turn off the light when you leave your room,
  • or unplug your appliances after charging.

To help you, you will be able to see a reminder of the main eco-actions that everyone can take during their stay on the communication supports at the reception of our three establishments.

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