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The MIJE association is a non-profit organisation that has been involved in community education since its creation in 1958. It works in close contact with teachers to provide the means for educational mobility and to facilitate the idea of living together.

Our mission

We promote education “beyond the classroom” and we offer young people the opportunity to live a collective mobility experience to help them grow as individuals and as citizens:

  • By meeting or rediscovering others, young citizens open up to otherness, learn to “live together in a reasonable manner” and to shape their own identity.
  • Through access to national and international locations, to culture and heritage, they connect and find their place in relation to the present and past environment.
  • Through temporary displacement, they emancipate themselves and reveal new skills in a sustainable way.

We accompany those involved in educating young people by contributing to their educational projects, enriching their pedagogical projects and implementing them:

  • Through the joint creation of innovative educational solutions, within a framework of research/action.
  • By guiding them towards adapted, turnkey offers to develop young people’s psychosocial skills
  • By guaranteeing them operational excellence, thanks to the expertise we have acquired organising educational trips and accommodation for young people since 1958.

We play a central role in the notion of a social and solidarity-based economy and we are committed to community education:

  • By helping to provide access to mobility for all, especially for those who are far from it
  • By acting responsibly with our collaborators and stakeholders, in accordance with good environmental practices.

Our daily actions, both with regard to our teams and externally, are guided by our values: openness and initiative, trust and high expectations, companionship and team spirit:

  • By keeping a watchful eye on our environment, and by boldly questioning and then reinventing our practices.
  • By establishing a climate of mutual trust and goodwill, and by pursuing high standards.
  • By focusing on the interpersonal transmission of skills and on collective strength on a daily basis

Team and key figures

Directed by its General Delegate Rémy Vernay, the MIJE association is a committed team specialising in the organisation of educational school trips and in welcoming young people in youth hostels. Thanks to the MIJE,  in 2019 more than 1,859 groups have been welcomed in Paris and travelled in France and Europe, i.e. about 74,360 young people.

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Key dates in our history

The MIJE association, recognized as a public utility, was born in the aftermath of the Second World War in the Paris suburbs. Teachers from the Sarcelles secondary school and the Ezanville youth center had an original idea: to take the school out of the school. They introduced new ideas on education: the discovery of the world and of others, which also contributed to form minds and to awaken curiosities…

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