History of the MIJE association

The MIJE association, which is recognised as being of public utility, was founded in the Paris suburbs after the Second World War. Teachers from the Sarcelles secondary school and the Ezanville youth centre had an original idea: to take the school out of the school. They introduced new ideas about education into their thinking: the discovery of the world and of others, which also helped to shape minds and awaken curiosity. During the holidays, they organised the first school trips to Greece, the cradle of European culture. The success of these trips and the desire to increase their number among the greatest number of people led to the desire to structure the movement by transforming it. In 1958, these precursors naturally formed a non-profit association under the law of 1901 to provide an educational and cultural framework for these youth trips. This was the beginning of the adventure that still exists today: the MIJE, Maisons Internationales de la Jeunesse et des Étudiants.

Learn more about the creation of the MIJE association with Pierre Tessier, one of the founders in 1958. (Audio clip in French).

Cool Timeline

Creation of the MIJE association

The MIJE association was created by teachers from the Sarcelles secondary school and the Ezanville youth centre who travel to Greece with pupils during the school holidays.

The MIJE association takes the Bastille

The MIJE association has moved to 13 Boulevard Beaumarchais in Paris.

Obtaining the UNOSEL label

UNOSEL is the quality label for organisers of language stays, school trips and holiday camps based on strong commitments.

Creation of our first edutainment games

Edutainment games at the service of your educational project and which aim to make an educational contribution by promoting the learning and development of each student.

Obtaining the “Green Key” label for the Fauconnier hostel

Green Key is the first sustainable tourism label for tourist accommodations and restaurants.

Renewal of Clubs for UNESCO accreditation

This accreditation allows us to enjoy consultative status with UNESCO and to participate in the work of the international organization. This recognition is proof of the quality of the work provided by our association for more than 65 years and of its commitment to education, inclusiveness and eco-responsibility.

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