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Voyage scolaire - 1ère étape

Choosing the trip

For your educational project and after discussions with your Travel Consultant, we will send you a proposal with the complete programme of your trip and the associated quote.

In order to guarantee availability on the chosen dates, without any commitment on your part, we advise you to validate this proposal quickly.

This will allow you to place options and secure the key elements of your trip.

Voyage scolaire - 2ème étape

Confirming the trip

As soon as the trip has been validated by your establishment, you will confirm the option by returning electronically the travel contract which is binding on us and specifies everything that has been agreed between us.

The return of the contract must be accompanied by a deposit or a payment commitment.

Voyage scolaire - 3ème étape

Preparing the trip

As soon as we receive the contract, we will send you, in paper or dematerialised format, the documentation for your activity programme (description of the sites to be visited, tours, plans and maps, etc.) as well as our edutainment resources.

This will help you to put together your own educational material.

For the discovery classes in French schools, your departure is subject to the authorisation of the Inspector of the Academy of your home department according to the terms and conditions specified in the national education’s Official Bulletin n°7 dated 23rd September 1999 relating to school outings with overnight stays in a school setting. The school director must send a full application for authorisation to go on a school outing at least 5 weeks before the date of departure, outside school holidays, for a class staying in the same department, 8 weeks for a stay in France outside your department and 10 weeks for a stay abroad.


Voyage scolaire - 4ème étape

Before the departure

The balance of payment for the trip must be made by the manager or accountant of your establishment.

The travel file contains the documents and information essential for your trip: transport tickets, detailed programme, vouchers, maps…

Please read it carefully and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact your Travel Consultant !

Voyage scolaire - 5ème étape

During the trip

The support team will post messages and photos on a free blog service that can be consulted by parents.

If you have any problems, you can call our 24/7 hotline.

Voyage scolaire - 6ème étape

After the trip

A satisfaction questionnaire will be sent by email at the end of your stay.

In order to maintain a high quality of service, we thank you for taking the time to complete and validate it upon your return.

Your input and comments are essential in order to tweak and improve our offer for groups that will travel after you.

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