Our partners

Our institutional partners

Ministry of Education

The MIJE’s commitment “as close as possible to the teachers” to co-construct their pedagogical project “outside from the walls” is at the core of the association’s mission.

Développer un monde plus solidaire


The French Federation of Clubs for UNESCO (FFCU) is an association founded in 1956 with the aim of contributing to the development of a culture of peace. It promotes UNESCO’s values in civil society, for a more dignified, fairer and more united world.

Mairie de Paris et les MIJE

Paris town hall

The quality of our relationship with the city of Paris enabled us to participate in the renovation of the Marais district in the 1970s and since then we have been running a unique educational project for children and young people from here and elsewhere.

Tourisme social et solidaire


A union of all the players in Social and Solidarity Tourism, UNAT defends the values anchored in the Social and Solidarity Economy. They promote a project at the service of people and territories carried by committed tourism players and recognised by the network of players in the sector.

Promouvoir le service civique - Agrément

Agence du service civique

The Civic Service Agency is a public interest grouping created in 2010 with the mission of setting up and supervising the Civic Service, a voluntary system for young people aged 16 to 25 for “civic service engagement”.

Favoriser des vacances adaptées


The CNLTA is an organisation born from a desire to create a reliable and reassuring reference in the complex world of adapted holidays. Their aim is to offer to people with disabilities a quality brand and to promote the work of member partners who share their ambitions.

Renforcer la relation Franco-allemande avec OFAJ


Created in 1963 following the Elysée Treaty, the Franco-German Youth Office is an international organisation for Franco-German cooperation with offices in Paris, Berlin and Saarbrücken. The goal of the Office is to encourage relations between young people in the two countries, to strengthen their understanding and thereby to develop the mindset of the neighbouring country.

MIJE s'investit dans le social et le solidaire


ESS 2024 aims to promote access for Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) companies and social entrepreneurs to markets related to the organisation of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

MIJE au service des professeurs d'allemand - ADEAF


The Association of Development of German Language Teaching in France is a national network of Germanists and Germanophiles with about 1700 members. Its aim, which has remained unchanged for more than 40 years, is to contribute to the development of German language teaching in France.

MIJE au service des professeurs de français


The International Federation of Teachers of French is an international non-governmental organisation created in 1969, recognised for its role in the promotion and dissemination of the French language throughout the world.

MIJE partenaire de l'APV


Founded in 1983, the APV brings together professors of economics and management, business, sales and hospitality, and management-administration-logistics from public and private institutions under contract and training centers throughout France and overseas.

As an actor in the training process, it encourages exchanges by enabling members to pool and share resources and experiences.

MIJE promeut l'intégration de tous

Familles Rurales

Familles Rurales is a national association recognised as public utility that acts in favour of families throughout the country, in rural and peri-urban areas.

Développement de la mobilité de la jeunesse en France et en Europe

European youth card

The Youth Innovation Association oversees the development of the European Youth Card in France. Its mission is also to set up innovative projects linked to youth mobility in France and Europe.

Our solidarity partners

Donner accès le départ en vacances au plus grand nombre

Bourse Solidarité Vacances

The ANCV is a public institute that has been fulfilling a unique mission for over thirty years: to enable as many people as possible to go on holiday.

La Jeunesse Au Plein Air


As an association recognised as being of public utility, the JPA advocates for the departure of all children on holiday by financially supporting their departure. It also monitors and provides information on the holiday and leisure sector for children and young people. Finally, the association works with the public authorities to ensure that holiday camps and leisure centers are recognised as an educational time that complements school and families.

Participer à l'insertion sociale et économique - Les Restaurants du Cœur

Les Restaurants du Cœur

Founded by Coluche in 1985, Les Restaurants du Cœur aims “to help and provide voluntary assistance to the needy, particularly in the food area, through access to free meals, and by participating in their social and economic integration, as well as in any action against poverty in all its forms”.

MIJE développe l'accès aux vacances pour les jeunes

L’association ColoSolidaire

Born in April 2017 in Bordeaux, its aim is to undertake all actions and develop all forms of collaboration in order to promote access to holidays for children and young people who do not have access.

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