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What is included in the school travel services offered by MIJE ?

For our school trips outside of Paris and abroad, our services include:

>Roundtrip transport

  • from the school for travel by coach (excluding regular bus routes),
  • from the departure station for train journeys,
  • from the departure airport for plane journeys.

>Accommodation according to the formula chosen (YH, Hotel, Family…).

> Full board from the first evening meal after arrival until lunch on the day of departure (subject to exceptions).

> Entrance fees to museums or sites for visits included in the programme, except those that must be booked and paid for directly by the establishment (paid in advance), guide services for scheduled guided tours.

> Repatriation assistance, Civil Liability, loss or theft of luggage are systematically included.

Can the proposed school trip programmes be modified ? Is it possible to create tailor-made programmes ?

The programmes displayed on our website or in our catalogues are suggestions. They evolve regularly to meet the most frequent requests and correspond to the most successful projects. You can adapt these suggestions at your convenience in terms of mode of transport, accommodation, content and length of stay. MIJE also responds to requests for “à la carte” travel. Please note that it may take longer to draw up a quote for a very specific programme or one with technical components, so please contact us as soon as possible:

>Using the quote request form:

>By phone: 01 42 74 23 45

What is the MIJE membership card for ?

To benefit from the services offered by MIJE, you need to be a member of our association. The amount of the annual membership fee is defined each year at the annual general meeting. There are two types of membership: one for our individual clients visiting our hostels and the other for groups. This membership is valid for the calendar year, it is never refunded even if you choose the optional “cancellation insurance”.

What modes of transport are available ? Do you provide transport from outside Paris, between airports or train stations to the accommodation facilities ?

MIJE offers all modes of transport suitable for groups: air, rail and road (private or regular line coaches). MIJE is IATA-approved for air transport and SNCF / Deutsche Bahn-approved for rail transport. This certification makes it possible to find the best prices and availability and issue the corresponding tickets.

MIJE has an expert Transport Service which can answer any request for pre- and post-transport to our Paris hotels, to a station or an airport of departure, whatever the location.

How to choose? It depends on the destination, your budget for the programme you are planning, but also on the number of people in the group. Our travel consultants will be able to help you find the most suitable solution.

Book your transportation with this quote request form

What are the different types of accommodation on offer ?

Depending on your budget and the possibilities offered by the destination, you can choose your type of accommodation: youth hostel, youth hotel, traditional hotel or host family. For trips to Paris, all our packages include accommodation in our three youth hostels, located in the Marais district; the ideal starting point for all your visits.

Tourist taxes are generally included in the price of accommodation, except for Italy, Portugal and Greece where they are payable in cash on the day of arrival at the hotel.

An increasing number of accommodation providers require a security deposit on arrival, usually in cash. This will be returned at the end of the stay if no damage has been found.

How is accommodation with a host family organised ?

The local organiser recruits the families and coordinates the welcome. She will be your contact person on the site: do not hesitate to contact her and inform her of any useful details. Students staying with families are under the shared responsibility of their hosts and you, you must remain contactable at all times. MIJE is careful to select host families according to rigorous criteria that are constantly checked. Participants must make an effort to integrate into their host family and comply with community life, the customs of the country and the host family.

Students are accommodated in small groups of 2 to 4 (Exceptionally 5 during peak season).

Packed lunches are provided by the host families.

Allergies and special dietary needs will be taken into account, as far as possible, if they are reported well in advance.

The host families will welcome the students on the first day and show them the way to their meeting point. The meeting point is usually 10 to 20 minutes away on foot, or by public transport in large cities. On the following days they will go alone (unless otherwise specified in the Contract). When the group uses a coach, the coach will make a daily pick-up and drop-off. The duration of the pick-up and the number of meeting points will vary according to the location.

Cancellations by host families may occur and allocation changes may be made up to the day of arrival.

Students are not permitted to go out in the evening except in the presence of an accompanying adult or an adult from the host family.

For trips to Paris, are MIJE youth hostels certified for receiving minors ?

In addition to being an association recognised as being of public utility since 1970, MIJE has a real sense of service (UNOSEL label certified) and expertise, particularly in the field of transport, as it is the only group in France to be certified by Deutsche Bahn (the largest European railway company).

The MIJE youth hostels also have the Youth and Community Education certification N°JEP 04-193 and an Academic Accreditation for school trip centres.

Are visits always included in the price of the programme ?

Yes, MIJE opts for a clear vision with no surprises. The prices indicated include entrance fees to museums or sites for visits included in the programme (except those to be booked and paid for directly by the establishment in advance) and the guide services for the scheduled guided tours.

What is included in the insurance offered ?

Package tours systematically include an assistance/repatriation service and civil liability coverage.

The MIJE offer two optional insurances for EU and French overseas territories residents:

An “Individual “* cancellation insurance: Illness-accident-death; denied boarding following a temperature check; unforeseeable and justifiable random events beyond our control,

Interruption of stay. To be taken out for the whole group.

Full cancellation insurance “Individuals (see above) + Group”: Attacks, terrorist acts; Administrative travel ban issued by the supervising Ministry, Foreign Affairs or the Interior, or by local administrative authorities “Outside of the current COVID 19 pandemic context”; Decision by the Headteacher due to traffic difficulties; Total administrative closure of the school.

Foreign residents from outside the EU and French overseas territories have the possibility of taking out a special contract (details on request).

To find out more about insurance (rates and details of cover), please feel free to contact us!

When should an educational school trip with MIJE be booked ?

The sooner the better! MIJE can make group bookings with transporters and accommodation providers 6 to 12 months before the departure date: make the most of this opportunity!

We highly recommend that you contact us before the end of the school year for trips or tours for the autumn and from the start of the school year, if not earlier for those taking place in the spring.

Advance planning allows you to benefit from greater availability, therefore a wider choice and better prices!

What are the booking conditions ?

A travel proposal is sent to the teacher. It includes information on the services provided during the trip or stay as defined by the code of tourism.

Once this proposal has been accepted, a contract is drawn up between MIJE and the educational establishment, represented by the Head Teacher. It is drawn up in duplicate and includes all the information relating to the services requested.

Registration becomes effective upon receipt of the signed contract, accompanied by payment of the first instalment.

What are the terms of payment ?

The contract is signed more than 10 weeks before departure:

  •   Deposit of 30% of the total amount upon signature of the contract.
  •    Balance no later than 30 days before departure

The contract is signed less than 10 weeks before departure:

  •    Deposit of 70% of the total amount upon signature of the contract
  •    Balance of 30% no later than 10 days before departure

What happens when a trip is cancelled or a student withdraws ?

All requests for group cancellations must be sent to MIJE exclusively by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, the date of receipt being retained as the date of cancellation.

Cancellation requests from participants within the group must be notified in writing and fees are calculated according to the same scale.

A fee will be deducted from the total price as follows:

  • between registration (date of receipt of the Contract by MIJE) and 31 days before the departure date: 25%.
  • between 30 and 21 days from the date of departure: 50 %
  • between 20 and 8 days from the date of departure: 75 %
  • from 8 days to the date of departure*: 100 %

For accommodation only, the “departure date” refers to the day of arrival on site.

With regard specifically to the booking and sale of air and rail tickets (excluding all other services), the general terms and conditions of sale of the carriers apply.

If the client has taken out an insurance contract through MIJE, the cancellation costs will be borne by the insurer within the limits defined by the cover of the contract.

Until when can the number of participants be changed ?

Any increase in the number of participants is subject to prior verification of the availability of transport and accommodation and will only be confirmed after agreement from the various service providers.

A reduction in the number of participants is possible until the time of departure. Please note that costs are deducted from the amount of the trip or stay specified in the contract. They depend on the cancellation date of the participant.

Who to contact during the trip in case of a problem ?

During the day from Monday to Friday, contact the person responsible for handling your file or, failing that, the person in charge of the destination centre (France, Central Europe, Mediterranean, United Kingdom-Ireland).

Outside opening hours, an emergency number that can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week will be given to you before your departure.

If you have a serious health problem (illness, accident): call the Assistance company directly, specifying the MIJE membership number that you will be given before departure. Then inform us.

How can parents get news of their children during the trip ?

There is a free blog service that can be managed from your mobile phone to give news to parents.

+33 (0)1 42 74 23 45
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