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The Green Key (Clef Verte ) label is the first sustainable tourism label for tourist accommodation and restaurants in France and internationally. It rewards responsible players committed to a continuous and dynamic environmental approach for greener holidays and environmentally friendly travel. Since 2019, we are proud to announce that our MIJE Fauconnier hostel is one of the three Paris youth hostels and one of the 643 establishments that has been awarded the Green Key label in France.

Environnement - Découvrez le label Clé verte

The MIJE association, specialising in educational school trips and accommodation in its three Paris youth hostels, is aware of its social responsibility and actively strives to ensure that the ecological impact of staying in its establishments remais as low as possible.

Educational trips are an excellent opportunity to help teach young people about respecting the environment and the idea of living together; they promote awareness of good practices to adopt in their daily lives to preserve the planet for future generations and become eco-citizens.

In our MIJE Fauconnier youth hostel, a 17th century building located in Paris, in the heart of the Marais, we are committed to an environmentally-responsible approach that aims to make optimal use of environmental resources by controlling our water and energy consumption and reducing wastage and waste emissions.

Our environmental charter specifies the actions we take on a daily basis to work towards responsible behaviour. It also describes a few simple gestures that will enable you to become involved in our approach during your stay.

The actions undertaken by MIJE to help make your stay sustainable

Energy control

  • Use of low-energy lightbulbs (type A or A+, LED) for 75% of our lighting installation.
  • Installation of occupancy sensors and lighting control systems in 80% of the common areas.
  • Gradual replacement, since 2009, of 100% of bedroom windows with double-glazed windows.

Waste reduction

  • Selective waste sorting in common areas.
  • Limitation of products with individual packaging.
  • Reduction in the number of cleaning products and use of a dilution control unit to ensure correct dosages.
  • Dematerialisation: online schedules and bookings, giving priority to exchange and invoicing by e-mail, electronic logbook.

Responsible purchasing/recycling

  • Preferred use of eco-labelled cleaning products that are more environmentally-friendly.
  • Limited printing on eco-certified paper.
  • Recycling of used computer and office consumables.
  • Choice of suppliers who adopt eco-friendly policies,  committed to sustainable development and CSR with their staff.
  • Donation of furniture, equipment and bed linen to local associations, to give them a second life.

Actions to raise awareness

  • Raising the awareness of employees and service providers to save water and energy and to use cleaning products correctly.
  • Raising the awareness of guests to the challenges of sustainable development: film-debates, games, themed exhibitions…
  • Our offer of educational school trips to Paris includes content that promotes awareness of environmental conservation.

We rely on our clients, partners and suppliers to act responsibly to protect our planet and we thank them for the role they play in helping us achieve our environmental objectives.

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