Maubuisson MIJE youth hostel in Paris

Our history and values  

In the 1950s, a group of teachers from the Sarcelles secondary school organised the very first schools trip to Greece. Because it was such a success and in order to provide more school trips, in 1958 they decided to create the MIJE : Maisons Internationales de la Jeunesse et des Etudiants, in the form of a non-profit association.


In 1960, the MIJE association became a partner of the UNESCO French federation of clubs for school trips. The MIJE project was recognised as an organisation of public interest in 1970.From 1969 to 1977, three derelict buildings slated for demolition in the Marais district were entrusted to the MIJE by Paris city hall for full rehabilitation.


Over time, the MIJE has progressed, now offering two distinct activities: school trips and youth hostel accommodation in three buildings in Paris, focusing on the values of Travel, Culture and Citizenship in order to :

> offer educational trips to young French people and those from abroad, to discover social, economic and cultural realities,

> improve access to youth hostels in the centre of Paris, allowing everyone to discover the history of the capital city and its cultural heritage at reasonable prices..


MIJE youth hostels adresses and maps
FAUCONNIER Youth hostel
11 rue du Fauconnier
75 004 Paris
FOURCY Youth hostel
6 rue de Fourcy
75 004 Paris
MAUBUISSON Youth hostel
12 rue des Barres
75 004 Paris



A prime central location in the Marais district : just a 10 minute walk to Notre-Dame, Pompidou centre, the Louvre, Place des Vosges, Bastille and the Île de la Cité…


Attractive off-season group rates sur 5 mois de l'année,

and winter promotions in winter, special deals for individuals during the summer.


More than 50 years experience in the reception and accommodation business.

96% of our groups are satisfied or very satisfied over more than 9,000 visitors in 2014.


Secured premises and

receptionist presence 24/7 at all three youth hostels.

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