The Deutsche Bahn ticket office Group


The only Deutsche Bahn accredited agency in France for groups 

Since the 1st of January 2016, and the closing of the French office of the Deutsche Bahn, MIJE is now the only organisation in France that can provide you with all the DB group benefits and discounts, for educational trips, exchanges with German schools or any other group trip (from 6 people upwards). 




Groupe Deutsche Bahn

MIJE at your service 

A team of advisors specialising in European rail transport is available to help you and answer your queries. 

You can contact us to book your train tickets (from 6 people upwards) and take advantage of:
> access to all trains in the Deutsche Bahn rail network : ICE, Intercity and regional trains,
> the best rates and discounts especially for  children under 15. 
Via MIJE, you can travel from any city in France to all German cities and major European cities

Train Deutsche Bahn ICE

Discounted rates for groups up to -60% !



Groupe Deutsche Bahn

Overview of the Deutsche Bahn group

CrééDeutsche Bahn AG was founded in 1994 and today is one of the world's leading passenger and logistics companies, operating in 130 countries. The company's core activity is railway lines in Germany, where the group manages the longest network of railway tracks in Europe (33,448 km).

Deutsche Bahn's passenger transport sector handles close to 10 million passengers in its trains and buses across Europe every day. 


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Why choose the MIJE association ?


More than 300 programmes

in more than 15 countries,

all modes of transport,

coach, train, plane, boat,

different types of accomodation,  youth hostels, hostels, families ...


A team of 15 dedicated Travel Consultants with more than 15 years of experience on average

to advise

and accompagny you before,

during and after the trip.


A single point of contact

to answer your questions

during the preparation of your project,

a 24/7 telephone permanence

during your trip.

Serenity guarantee

A travel insurance service INCLUDED in all our trips:

MAIF assistance, repatriation,…

An optional cancellation insurance service : death, illness, administrative ban, ...