General terms and conditions of sale

The services provided by MIJE are exclusively reserved for members of the Association. To become an affiliated member, the person or legal entity (educational institution) must pay an annual subscription, the amount of which is set by the General Assembly. This subscription is not refundable.


A school trip proposal is sent to the teacher/group leader. It contains information concerning prices, dates and other elements of the services provided during the trip or visit as defined in the tourism code.
Once the proposal has been accepted a contract is signed between MIJE and the represented educational institution, signed both by the institution head and the teacher/group leader.  This contract is drawn up in duplicate and contains all the information pertaining to the services requested.
Registration becomes effective once the accepted contract has been received, accompanied by the initial deposit.


* If the contract is signed more than 10 weeks prior to departure:

  • 30% of the total amount on signature of the contract
  • 40% 8 weeks prior to departure
  • 30% on issue of the travel documents 
* If the contract is signed less than 10 weeks prior to departure:
  • 70% of the total amount on signature of the contract
  • 30% on issue of the travel documents

* Attention :

  • the travel documents required for departure shall not be handed over if the full billed amounts have not been paid,
  • payments can be made by cheque or by bank transfer, made out to "MIJE",
  • administrative payments can only be taken into account on presentation of the commitment of expenditure issued by the organising body.




Cancellation by MIJE :

If, at the signing of the contract, unforeseen circumstances oblige MIJE to cancel the trip or visit, MIJE will inform the purchaser by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt: the purchaser is immediately refunded the amounts paid without penalty.
Contract cancellation by the purchaser:
In the event of cancellation by the purchaser, the information will be communicated by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt addressed to MIJE.
Total cancellation of the trip or visit OR cancellation of one or more participants :
Fees will be retained on the price of the trip or visit specified in the contract. They are based on the date of cancellation:
        - from registration to 31 days prior to arrival date = 25%
        - from 30 to 21 days prior to arrival date = 50%
        - from 21 to 8 days prior to arrival date   = 75%
        - less than 8 days prior to arrival date     = 100%




Those participating in a MIJE trip or visit are entitled to the guarantees provided for in the MAIF contract for local authorities (insurance n° 0902891R) and those provided with MAIF ASSISTANCE.


On request, travel cancellation insurance can be purchased from the MAIF through MIJE. In order to be valid, it must be taken out by all of the participants in the group at the time the travel contract is signed. Its cost is 4% inclusive of taxes of the invoiced amount of the service (it is not refundable).

In an individual capacity, the guarantee can be implemented in the event of medically certified illness or physical accident sustained, including during an attack, as well as in the event of redundancy on economic grounds of the father, mother or person with fiscal responsibility of the participating minor.

In a collective capacity, the guarantee can be implemented in the event of group cancellation justified either by a travel ban decision issued by a regulatory authority (Ministry of National Education, local education authorities), or by classification of a country by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a red or orange zone during the 30 days prior to departure.

However, it cannot be implemented for pregnancy, voluntary termination of pregnancy, illness or accident existing before the policy was taken out.
A copy of the convention with sole contractual value can be obtained from MIJE in advance.  



Each participant must, on departure, be in possession of all the documents required to cross borders. In the absence of these, the financial consequences of failing to comply with the regulations concerning identity papers will be the sole responsibility of the participant. The participant cannot claim any refund or compensation, nor benefit from the cancellation insurance, which does not cover this risk.  



A) Air and Maritime
Departure and return schedules can be subject to change by the transport companies. MIJE cannot be held responsible for this.


B) Rail and Air
MIJE has no control over seat or berth allocation in trains or aeroplanes in France or elsewhere.


C) Bookings are only carried out on return of the travel contract. They are subject to acceptance from the carriers, according to availability in the price categories laid down in the contract. In the case of refusal, an alternative solution will be offered, with or without additional costs.


For trips with accommodation in host families, participants are housed in small groups of 2 to 4 students (exceptionally 5) per family. Withdrawals by host families can occur and modifications to family allocation take place up until the day of arrival..
Host families will greet the students on the first day and will show them the way to the meeting point. This meeting point is usually within 10 to 20 minutes walking distance or by public transport in large towns. On the other days, students will make their own way to the meeting point (unless otherwise stipulated in the contract). When the group uses a coach, the coach will do a daily pick-up and drop-off. The time this takes and the number of stops varies according to location.


Pourquoi choisir les MIJE ?

Le choix

Plus de 300 programmes

dans plus de 15 pays,

tous les modes de transport,

autocar, train, avion, bateau,

les différents types d'hébergement,  auberges de jeunesse, hôtels, familles...

Un conseil d'experts

Une équipe de 15 Conseillères en Voyages dédiées avec plus de 15 ans d'expérience en moyenne

pour vous conseiller

et vous accompagner avant,

pendant et après le voyage.

Jamais seul !

Un interlocuteur unique

pour répondre à vos questions

durant la préparation de votre projet,

une permanence téléphonique

24h/24 et 7 jours/7

durant votre voyage.

Garantie sérénité

Un service d'assurance voyage INCLUS dans tous nos voyages :

MAIF assistance, rapatriement,…

Un service d'assurance annulation optionnel : décès, maladie, interdiction administrative,… .